Meet Our Team

Meet our Director Amy!

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Meet our Assistant Director Alyssa!

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Meet John!

Who am I? I am a cat loving baseball fanatic who loves canoeing on Cayuga Lake and kayaking in the Adirondacks with a friend, surrounded by all nature and no people.

At After School I love playing chess, checkers, cards (poker and casino), and telling riddles that must be solved with yes or no questions, and I don't tell answers. I also love modeling and imparting a sense of caring about everyone else's feelings as much as our own. Your kids are great at this. It is so gratifying working with people who really get this and practice it daily.

Personal and professional aspirations? Unless I could be the center fielder for the Chicago Cubs, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I solved that problem by not growing up. I am exactly where I want to be.

Meet Mike! 

I have been working at Fall Creek After School Program for 15 years and I have been working in the Ithaca City School District for 16 years. My passion for working with kids/youth started in 2001 when I worked at George Junior Republic as a Residential Counselor. Ever since then, I have worked with kids in various summer camps and youth advocate program settings in the Ithaca area. I grew up in Ithaca and I played Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, and Basketball as a kid. I love building rapport with students at the elementary school level because it gives me a chance to assist them academically, socially, and emotionally. FCSAP is a top-notch program that allows students to be themselves but also assists them to be good people, listeners, and team players while still being “funny and silly kids”. FCSAP is like no other program because of how we present and implement S-H-A-R-K. It stands for "SAFETY, HONESTY, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, and KINDNESS". This allows students and staff to be on the same page while building rapport with one another.

Meet Carole!

Hi, my name is Carole and this is my 4th year as an after school counselor at Fall Creek School.  Originally from Rochester, I have degrees in Business and Cultural Anthropology/Native American Studies.  I have worked with students in K-8th grades at the Maxwell Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was employed at the University of Oklahoma in several Native American programs.  In Austin, Texas I conducted freelance classes in local history and art for several private elementary schools.  Most recently I was the 8 Square Schoolhouse and Youth Education Director at the History Center in Tompkins County for 17 years.  I engaged with 4th grade students and teachers in Tompkins County in facilitating the living history program at the historic 1892 schoolhouse in Dryden as part of the Kids Discover the Trail initiative. 

Meet Nathaniel!

Hi. I’m Nathan. I have been a teacher at a Montessori school, a carpenter, and a blueberry farmer. I love to draw pictures, read aloud, and makeup stories. Long ago I worked in a lab studying how insects grow. I recently moved to Fall Creek with my family. My wife teaches Social Work. We have a son who is in High School.

Meet julia!

Hi, my name is Julia and my pronouns are she/her. I grew up in Seattle, WA but went to school in NY and haven't left since! I recently moved to Ithaca from NYC to be closer to nature. I have enjoyed working with kiddos for 6 years and can't wait to continue to do so at Fall Creek School Age Program. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, crafting, filmmaking, and spending time with my giant orange cat, Rupert

Meet jules!

Hi my name is Julissa. I am originally from the Dominican Republic and 

moved to America when I was just a little girl. I taught myself English through watching television. I am the oldest of five siblings who I have helped taken care of throughout my life. I grew up in the west side of New York City and had a wonderful experience growing up in small intimate public and private schools

After  high school,  I wanted to venture outside of the city. I had come upon a college in central New York, thus began my journey to Ithaca. I have lived here for  a bit, making Ithaca my home…. 

I have a passion for children as well as making a difference in people’s lives in any way I can. In my free time I like to travel , draw and cook, amongst many other fun and creative things  , such as dancing , singing , poetry and improv . I am thrilled to be on board at Fall Creek Elementary School. 

Meet justin!

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Meet Louise!

I have worked with kids for the past 30 years, and especially enjoy making art with your kids during the winter months.  I have an evolving seasonal & nature-based art program that I tailor to the group’s interests.  In warmer weather, I enjoy being outside with our kids.  In my spare time, I grow garlic & other things at my small farm, & I also like to hike with my dog.